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Anxiety can be treated well by TCM

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Anxiety can be treated well by TCM

I have treated dozens people with Anxiety since I worked in Switzerland in 2011. These people show many different types of symptoms. Sometimes it is general anxiety, which means people worry or scare with no specific reason. But other people can suffer from specific condition, such as scaring of driving through tunnels, or take airplane, train or tram, or even go to shopping center. Lots of them also suffer from panic attack. It may accompany with depression as well. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the cause of anxiety is from injury in heart meridian. It can be relieved by treating the heart meridian, through acupuncture or herbs. After treatment, the patients can do things which they scared to do in the past. And the panic attack can disappear.

And there are many other illness can be related to anxiety, such as IBS, irritable bladder, unexplained stomach pain, difficulty of concentration, insomnia, and restless legs. I have treated  all mentioned patients with high success rate, using the same way as treating anxiety. Even more, comparing with anti anxiety medicine, the acupuncture have no side effects at all.  I strongly recommend people with anxiety to look for acupuncture treatment by an experienced, skilled  TCM practitioner.

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