Tuesday, 16 October 2018 19:04

My treatments of Tennis elbow and golf elbow

In the last several years, I treated several patients with tennis elbow and golf elbow. Some patients have suffered more than two years and tried many different treatment with few effects. I treated them successfully with my unique way.  The key is the rice moxibustion on the spine. In the past, with acupuncture only, the success rate is not satisfactory, especially difficult on those suffered long time.  But since adding the moxibustion on spine, I have no failing case of tennis elbow and golf elbow.  The treatments usually take 10 to 15 sessions. I remember there were two chefs, a man and a woman, suffering tennis elbow quite long time and limit their working capacity.  When they had completely no pain on elbow,   how glad they were.   

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