Wednesday, 05 September 2018 15:37

Trigeminal neuralgia 2 cases


In 2018 I treated two patients with trigeminal neuralgia (TN). The results of both treatments are satisfactary. Both patients are female, 60s,  one with history of 10years, the other one of 4 years. Both were taking medication. Although they were diagnosed with TN, but in TCM, they belong to different category. One has water retention in Shaoyang meridian,  which can compress on the trigeminal nerve. The other one has Yin difficency, which can harm the norishment of nerve. In first patient I use Chai hu jia long gu mu li Tang together with acupunture to treat anainst the Shaoyang water retention. After one week, the patient notice the relieve of pain, around 40 percent less. After  10 sessions of acupuncture and herbs treatments, the pain completely disappear. she also stopped her medicine.  In second patient, I use Yi Guan Jian and acupunture to norish the Yin energy and the trigeminal nerve. After 6 sessions of treatments, she reported much better,  just in  10pm the pain began and last for one hour. After 10 sessions her pain almost disappear.  She also reduced her medicine. 

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Sunday, 02 September 2018 14:14

Three cases of Infectious mononucleosis

In the last several years, I treated three cases of infectious mononucleosis. The diagnosis were made by their family doctor or hospital. The main symptom of two cases were severe headache, the third one was fatigue. They have all treated by their doctors but the symptoms still lasted for several months. When they come to me, I found out they all had exterior symptoms in terms of TCM. One had strong sweating even not active ,accompanying with cold, and it can last for 1 hour. The other two have also complained about easily cold feeling without sweating. All three patients did not have fever. Their symptoms all compatible with TCM Taiyang disease, which means exterior syndromes. I used Gui Zhi Jia Ge Gen Tang to treat the one with excessive sweating and very bad headache. The symptoms disappeared in one week. The other two I used Ge Gen Tang to treat their fatigue and headache, and the symptoms also went away soon.

The successful treatments of these three cases of infectious mononucleosis shows the difference of TCM and western medicine. Usually western medicine try to kill the pathogens directly to cure the infected patients. If the pathogens can not be killed , then it is difficult to treat or just wait for the body  self healing. Sometimes the self healing process is not so successful, just like infectious mononucleosis we mentioned here, then the duration of the disease can be quite long. Instead of killing pathgens, TCM treat the abnormal response of body to pathogens, which could varied in each individual. Both too strong and too week response of the body can cause long duration of the disease. TCM can cure patients through adjustment of the improper reaction of the body, and let the body return to normal healing process. 

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