Warts can be cured by herbs and acupuncture

Warts occur when the virus comes in contact with your skin and causes an infection. They are more likely to develop on broken skin. Some kind of people are prone to be infected. It is believed that these kind of people have week immunity, which can make it spread to other parts of body and can occur repeatedly. The question is why these people have low immunity? According to TCM, when people have too much  dampness inside the body that cause dry skin outside, and this environment of the body is vulnerable to be infected with warts.  In TCM practice there are particular herbs that can correct the damp environment of body and kill the virus. Acupuncture on some acupoints can also have the same effect. 

Morning sickness,  is a symptom of pregnancy that involves nausea or vomiting. Acutually,  it can occur at any time during the day. Typically these symptoms occur between the 4th and 16th week of pregnancy. Acupuncture can help to reduce the sickness a lot. In the last several years, I have treated several pregnant women with morning sickness. In TCM theory, there are a few meridians that connect to stomach. If choosen properly,  the  acupoints on these medirian will be very effective to treat this sickness, and because it does not involve any medicine, it has no side effect. 



Lots of people suffer from tiredness. Some tiredness maybe caused by illness, such as diabetes or low thyroid function. But for some other people, nothing can be found wrong after examination. Usually these kinds of fatigue may also accompany insomnia, no interest in hobby, and patients feel exhausted mentally, which can be early symptoms of depression. Some may have stress for a long period. I have treated many different kind of fatigue quite successfully, especially in this kind of fatigue. I use acupuncture with the  same acupoints as treating depression. It only take several sessions of acupuncture to see the positive result, and lots of patients can recover completely.

Anxiety can be treated well by TCM

I have treated dozens people with Anxiety since I worked in Switzerland in 2011. These people show many different types of symptoms. Sometimes it is general anxiety, which means people worry or scare with no specific reason. But other people can suffer from specific condition, such as scaring of driving through tunnels, or take airplane, train or tram, or even go to shopping center. Lots of them also suffer from panic attack. It may accompany with depression as well. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the cause of anxiety is from injury in heart meridian. It can be relieved by treating the heart meridian, through acupuncture or herbs. After treatment, the patients can do things which they scared to do in the past. And the panic attack can disappear.

And there are many other illness can be related to anxiety, such as IBS, irritable bladder, unexplained stomach pain, difficulty of concentration, insomnia, and restless legs. I have treated  all mentioned patients with high success rate, using the same way as treating anxiety. Even more, comparing with anti anxiety medicine, the acupuncture have no side effects at all.  I strongly recommend people with anxiety to look for acupuncture treatment by an experienced, skilled  TCM practitioner.

Inguinal hernia pain

In Last several years, I treated successful of several people with hernia pain, almost all of them have received several times of surgery. For example, one of them even had five sugeries done in the life. But in last month, he had hernia pain again. This time he decided not to have operation, instead to try TCM acupuncture.  After only two sessions of treatments, the pain stopped completely. Usually the hernia is caused by high pressure of abdominal content. The TCM treatments using herbs or acupunture can relieve the high pressure , and then stop the hernia. The surgery only repair the weak spot of abdominal wall, but if the high pressure still exist, the hernia will relapse in the future.